Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meditation for Worship: October 12, 2008

Adam and Eve wore fig leaves,
Joseph had his coat of many colors.
Pharaoh gave Joseph a fine linen robe and golden chain,
And Belshazar did the same for Daniel, only his robe was purple.
Jesus had a seamless tunic,
but they took that away and forced him to wear purple with thorns.
Jacob donned sackcloth when he heard his son had been killed,
As did David.
Hezekiah, Mordecai-- even the King of Ninevah--wore sackcloth;
woven of coarse black goat hair.
But John the Baptist donned camel’s hair and leather.

They wore many different garments, but garments made by human hands.
Garments that chafe, scratch, bind.
Garments that wear thin, fray, tear;
Garments not fit for eternity, muchless your wedding feast, Lord.

So clothe us, Christ, in your truth, your beauty, your goodness.
Wrap us with your patience and peace.
Outfit us with faithfulness self-control, and kindness
That we might be adorned in love and joy,
So when the feast begins we will not be speechless,
but suited to sing your praises.

cf Matthew 22:1-14. Sermon: “Party Clothes” October 12, 2008 - Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

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