Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"Babies:" The documentary

I watched "Babies" last week. It was fantastic!
The opening scene of the Namibian baby is so universal. How many times has it been repeated, across cultures, across time?

Poor little Japanese baby lives in a tiny, closed apartment, so confined. No wonder she has a tantrum!

San Francisco baby is typical yuppie child.

I fell in love with the Mongolian baby. He lives in a yurt and his family has roosters, goats, and cows which freely wander about. He is born in a hospital but his parents bring him home on a motorcycle. They swaddle him tightly, even tying two cords around him so he can't move. But as he grows, he gradually is "freed." He eventually crawls all around in the grass--even underfoot of the cattle, but they are careful not to step on him!
It plays like a scene from the Peacable Kingdom.

Here's a great blog entry every new mother should read:
Five Things a Mom Learned not to Stress About after watching "Babies"

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