Monday, October 13, 2008

End times economists?

Heard this evening on American Public Media's Market Place:

Sean Cole: When the financial crisis really started to take hold, I got to thinking what I often think in times of crisis: that people who already believe the world is coming to an end must be feeling pretty vindicated right now. So, I went to this Web site called Rapture Forums to check out some of the discussions. This was right after the House voted down the first bail out bill and the Dow tanked. Here are some excerpts:

First comment: People, I find it amazing that it would close 777 points down today. The biblical numbers of perfect completion. I pray we are out of here soon.

Second comment: I say praise God, bring it on!

Third comment: I second your statement to praise God. All this is just bringing us closer to being with Him.

The Rapture, if you're not familiar, is when all of Christ's followers ascend to heaven. This is supposed to happen before, or after depending on who you ask, a seven-year period of great tribulation. The Antichrist enslaves humanity. All sorts of awful things happen. That's a long way off yet, but supposedly we've already entered what's known as the end times. So, I thought I should talk to a couple guys who specialize in what you might call end times economics.

Norm Franz: I believe that the fact that the Dow was down 777 points on the eve of Rosh Hashanah it didn't happen by coincidence.

Continued here.

Personally, I wish Market Place had interviewed Eugene Cho. He has an excellent blog entry that deals with money and issues of anxiety, faith and trust in a far less sensational but far more convicting way.

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