Friday, May 12, 2017

GOP Representative Tom MacArthur is the man responsible for the amendment that brought Trumpcare back from the dead and secured its passage in the House. His constituents are NOT pleased.

This video deserves to be spread far and wide:

We don't need to fear ISIS...the real terrorists have already taken over Washington DC.

It apparently does no good to argue facts and figures. What we need are stories that capture people's emotions, because that's where people are these days. If George Lakoff is right, and if Republicans respond to the "strict father" model, then here is a father and husband who embodies conservative moral values, defending his wife and children against threats to their very lives. He is ready to sacrifice himself in order to ensure their well-being. Here he is, taking on one of the terrorists who threatens his family. How can this not stir the hearts of patriotic, conservative Republicans?

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