Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bernie Sander's Religion: Why this Christian Supports Bernie

One of the big questions philosophers debate is a metaphysical one: what is reality? Ever since the modern era, philosophers called Nominalists have said the only things that are real are particulars. This position fueled some good things like the scientific revolution. However, it also was the basis of the social contract theory, and the individualism that plagues us today.

The notion that we are NOT just billiard balls on the pool table of life, but instead have real CONNECTIONS with one another implies that there is something greater than the individual. That is, there is at least one thing in which individuals participate that is the ground for their relationships. Philosophers call these these things "universals," and some philosophers of religion and theologians call it "the ground of being." The Apostle Paul called it God: the One in whom we "live and move and have our being."

In this clip, Bernie proclaims that he is NOT a nominalist. That's enough to win my vote. I'd rather have a Jewish atheist who understands that nominalism is deadly than a self-proclaimed "Christian" who preaches nominalism. Truth is truth wherever you find it, and the truth is that Christian nominalism is a contradiction. IMO, what Jesus said in Mark 12:34 could well apply to Bernie here:


Bernie Sanders, What is Your Religion? (Democratic Town Hall)

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