Thursday, May 23, 2013

FIve Positions on Salvation

Dudley Chapman's  summary of various positions on salvation: (from a Facebook discussion )     Dudley Chapman
"I might summarize the various salvation formula.

1) God/Christ + faith + works.
2) God/Christ + faith + born again.
3) God/Chist.+ faith.
4) God/Christ
5) God

#1 is a pre-Reformation forumula.
#2 is evangelical and other conservative groups.
#3 is middle of the road mainstream.
#4 is a Christ centered universalism.
#5 is Unitarian Universalism.

I would say that Lutheranism is somewhere between #3 and #4, with Karl Braaten at #4. I think the Pope is suggesting #4, which can be supported by both scripture and the Catechism sections that were quoted in recent comments.

Here is Lutheran theologian Karl Braaten on the subject.

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Nick Case said...

The notion of dividing up all these notions into artifical compartments is-in-itself a Protestant presuppossition. As a Catholic I (thankfully) do not get to pick and choose differentiated notions, instead I am open to the organic unity of every one of those notions and see how the particular is a part of the whole. Salvation without works or without being "born again" or without Christ would be nonsensical. And as an aside, for that reason I do not believe the Pope would be in number 4.