Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching Kant with a Tupperway Toy

While preparing for my online class and searching for an image of this toy, I landed on Amazon and decided to add my .02.  I use this toy in my live Intro to Philo classes, and it always helps make Kant more accessible to my students. 

This review is from: Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy (Toy)
This is a wonderful toy, not only for kids but for philosophy students. It's an absolute necessity for teaching Kant. Let the ball represent the mind, the red part "space" and the blue part "time." Let the holes be the categories, and the yellow shapes sense data.

Now you're ready to play "Kant." In order for something to be known, it has to make it "in" to the mind. It has to go through the structures of time and space, and through the categories, before it can become intelligible. Whatever fits through is "phenomenal" and able to be comprehended. Whatever can't fit through is "noumenal" and unknowable by pure reason.

Voila! You've just mastered "The Critique of Pure Reason!" and if you let your child play with this toy, she will grow up to be a genius.

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