Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The Table is where you learn who you are and where you're from

"Eating food that strangers cook is vastly different than eating what's cooked at home. The real key is sharing food at that table and, believe me, we know we're not born civilized. We're small savages, so you have to be taught the table is the place where you learn who you are and where you're from, understanding that a lot of people just do nothing but fight at the table. Nonetheless, you come to know one another. The result is you know who you are."  --Marion Cunningham, clip from NPR All Things Considered, July 12, 2012

There seem to be some parallels here that are worthwhile for Christians to contemplate. One big difference, though: the Table is where we learn who Christ is, and what we can look forward to.

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