Saturday, July 07, 2012

"Behind the glory story of Rome..."

Monty Python's Terry Jones leads us on a tour of Rome from the point of view of the working man.
Listen to the very end...from 47:18 on. Doesn't this sound familiar?

" Behind the glory story of the Roman empire, the story of military campaigns and imperial triumphs, there lies another story, the one that actually shaped the lives of people like Marcus. It's the story of how ROme was run as a Mafia-like business, of senators worth $30 million who supported a system that let the poor go to the wall while they supported free trade and low taxes for the businessmen. It's the story of a society in which the noble families flaunted their wealth while the majority drifted into relative poverty, a society based on inequality,on the tantalizing luxury that was possible for a few as long as the vast proportion of the population had no rights at all, or could be fooled into compliance with bread and circuses. A society that had no need for orphanages or contraception, because unwanted children could simply be left on the town rubbish-dump or turned into slaves. it's the story of millions of people like Marcus--the people who actually were the Roman empire--but whose history is so often hidden." 

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