Monday, January 30, 2012

Song of Expiation

Song of Expiation

Thank you God for the things You never do
You never forsake us, you’re always true
You are our rock while we are but dust
You never change; in You we can trust.
Loving Trinity, You make all things new!

You are our God and You’re always good;
You cannot sin-- but You saw that we would.
You detest envy, pride, greed, and lust,
You’re merciful, and You’ll always be just.
You rescue us: help us be what we should.

Not out of wrath but because of Your love
The Son left his holy throne above.
He took our sin, and made it His own
Cleansing us by His blood; He atoned
Proving Your constant and glorious love.

We were the ones who turned when we Fell
You never changed, but chased us ev’n to Hell
When on that cross as Christ bled and died,
Your staunch love, O God, was magnified,
so that with You Lord, we might ever dwell.

Who was and is and is to come—O Lord
Upon us Your precious blood was poured;
Not to appease you, but our hearts to cleanse,
Restore relations, make us your friends—
Through You all creation shall be restored!


Dan said...

Have music for this yet?

Beth B said...
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Beth B said...

Actually, I had a slight variation of the first two lines of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (Covenant Hymnal #258) in mind for the first four lines of my song, and a final refrain of my own for its fifth line. However, I don't read music, I can only play by ear, and I use the black keys as my white and the white keys as my black, so it's difficult to know how to tell you what that final line should sound like.