Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purpose of the Occupy Protests?

QUESTION: Does anyone involved in a single one of the occupy protests actually know specifically what they are trying to achieve and why they think protesting will do something to achieve it? Because try as I might, all I see is confused people saying things that are not even close to consistent and factual information.
MY RESPONSE: Hanging around Wall Street could be a way to remind those on Wall Street of the effects of mortgage bonds, subprime mortgages, and collaterized debt obligations on the average American. People who are angry and frustrated because their voices have been drowned out by lobbyists also tend not to be very coherent. Angry people attract other angry people, who might not be on the same page as they are. When viewed through a camera lens, all one sees is confusion. Most of us prefer stability to chaos, so we dismiss the entire thing and go on surfing the internet and listening to our Ipods.about a minute ago ·

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