Friday, February 04, 2011

The Secret Behind Harry Potter

Some Christians have denounced the Harry Potter series, but Abigail BeauSeigneur argues that it is actually a retelling of the gospel in her editorial, Is Harry Potter the Son of God? I think she makes a convincing case.

"The secret to Harry Potter is tied to Rowling’s Christianity... What appears to be a book about witchcraft is a story about Jesus Christ."

"Harry Potter in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series displays Savior qualities every time he defends the wizard (and Muggle) world from the devilish Lord Voldemort. On multiple occasions, Harry willingly presents himself as a sacrifice and, by so doing, is able to destroy the evil wizard. As an innocent baby, Harry becomes the only being to withstand the killing curse, a feat that leaves him with a Christ-like scar on his forehead (instead of his hands and feet). Since his wizard parents are dead, Harry is then raised in humble circumstances - under the stairs of the unbelieving Dursleys, similar to Christ's birth in a stable and his rearing as a carpenter's son. Later, after defeating Voldemort for the second time, Harry lies in a coma for three days, as Christ did in the tomb. As Christ descended into hell, Harry descends to the Chamber of Secrets, and as Christ endured suffering on the cross, Harry endures the Cruciatus Curse. In the end, just as Christ died and was resurrected to overcome Satan and death, Harry dies and returns from death to finally destroy Voldemort. (Wikipedia) "
That's why it's such a great series because it retells the True Story!

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