Friday, November 05, 2010

Thoughts for All Saint's Sunday: The Apotheosis of the Constitution, etc.

QUICK! Glance at this picture from afar, and what do you think it is?


Yes, it does have gilt edge pages, a satin ribbon to keep  your place, and gold embossing, but it's not a Bible.

Now you too can own your own leather-bound copy of the U.S. Constitution!

                                                                                        Leatherbound Pocket-Size US Constitution

"Carry it with you, keep it on your desk or bedside table, and be proud. Bound in soft black calfskin, pages edged in gold, this little book includes the complete US Constitution and other documents vital to our history, our democracy, and recent Supreme Court decisions: the Bill of Rights (and every constitutional amendment to the present day), Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and more. 192 pages, just 2 ¾" x 3 ¾".

Also available in red calfskin.

Some people are already excited about it, like Amazon reviewer E. Bennett who wrote,

"Next to the Bible....I got to thinking, what other book or document would be important enough to want to own with a leather cover? The US Constitution . Rather then ignore it, why not give it the proper respect it deserves! After all, millions have died for it! Fits nicely in my Bible Study bundle."

Are we witnessing the birth of the canon of American civil religion?

"In the Name of Jefferson, Madison and Paine, we will now read the Bill of Rights responsively. I'll read the odd numbered amendments, you read the even numbered amendements.... Thanks be to the Framers for the writing of this Word."

Too bad about Ignatius, Polycarp, Huss, Tyndale, St. Thomas More,  the martyrs of Japan, the martyrs of Uganda, St. Elizabeth Romanova, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. If only they had known the consolations of the Constitution of the United States!

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