Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pastoral Caricatures and the Consumers Who Love Them

Here is an excellent blog entry on pastoral types: The Professor, the Master of Ceremonies, The Shopkeeper, the Drill Sergeant, the CEO, the Visionary Leader, Spiritual Technician.

Which type will Christian Consumers prefer this week, I wonder?
Which type am I tempted toward?

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Kent said...

A great read for anyone looking for a church or a pastor. As congregants, we have very un-biblical views of what a pastor should be, and what a church should be. Therefore, we hire people or "shop" for churches that perpetuate disfunctional models.

Praise be our Lord who is able to dis-entangle this spagetti-web of a mess we're in.

A great collection of thoughts in the "comment" section as well.