Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Brene Brown on Charlottesville

Brene Brown has a powerful video responding to Charlottesville. Watch it here:

She's spot on in saying that Americans have not owned the story of white supremacy, so it owns us. But the question is, how do we all agree to own this story, so that we can write a different ending, when our very DNA as a nation is to idolize disagreement? That is, the Declaration of Independence guarantees each individual "liberty," and the freedom to define and pursue happiness individually. If each individual is autonomous- (a law unto himself or herself) we will never be able to own any story in common.I have long said that Americans (and especially American evangelicals) need to admit the story of our nominalism and repent of it. That will help us not only with the problem of race relations, but with our economy and the way we treat the environment.

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