Thursday, July 07, 2016

Skye Jethani: "How Should Christians Vote?"

This is the best thing I've seen so far about the 2016 elections:

See also Skye's "Voting Booth Chart" at

God help me to choose the path of incarnation, rather than the path of exodus (fleeing the culture) or the path of exile (fighting the culture). I pray that my Christian brothers and sisters will be motivated by love and a desire to serve, rather than fear and a desire to control.

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Oma G said...

Thank you for sharing the utube video by Skye Jethani. I plan to share it as well and hope to get and read his ebook. I downloaded the chart and printed it. I still don't know how to vote, but I do have a better way to think it through. I don't want to get caught up in either the fear or the anger or the desire to control that I hear so many Christians talking about. This rings so much truer to what God would have us do than what I've been hearing. Now I feel I can also better respond to others comments. Thank you.