Thursday, November 05, 2015

How to make roses from fall leaves

what a wonderful idea for Thanksgiving table decorations...

I found this easy DIY fall leaf rose on Facebook but the person who posted it was not the girl who created it, Nicole Duke. I did a Google search for Nicole Duke’s fall leaf roses and nothing came back directly about her. I LOVE this idea and it reminds me of the flowers my mom showed me how to make when I was a kid using leaves. I can picture these as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving or an autumn decoration. She used the wrapping floral shops use to keep it all together. I remember mom using the stem of a leaf but for long lasting durable leaves, you may want to use another material to wrap the base with. If it’s going to be in a vase, any tape would do as long as it was covered. I even made some and just used regular scotch tape. See this post for ways to preserve leaves.
There is a tutorial below but you can also watch the video. For variety, check out these DIY tissue paper flowers!

ou will need:

Several leaves for each flower (10-15 various sizes and colors)
Short Twigs
Floral Tape
Begin with a smaller leaf. Placing the colorful side down, fold the points in. Begin to roll the leaf from one side.
Take a second leaf and fold the center point down. Place the first rolled leaf in the center, fold down the side points on the second leaf and wrap both sides around the first.
Continue to add leaves, rotating the flower as you go to get an even size. Use larger leaves on the outside.
Once you have the desired size, wrap the stems tightly with florist tape.
Place a twig on the bottom and wrap with the florist tape.
Good luck! We’d love to see how you do. Post your pictures on our Facebook page!
Foliage season is such a short season, I hope you can make many beautiful fall leaf rose bouquets! They’d be a lovely inexpensive gift for friends and family.
If you are looking for another flower project that would last long in to the winter, check out these beautiful and easy DIY tissue paper flower decorations.
Tip: Keep the petals tucked in so that it doesn’t unravel.
Please, share your completed rose with us! Sisters Know Best Facebook.

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