Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tim Keller on John 1

"We can’t live without absolutes but we can’t live without oppressive absolutes, we need a non-oppressive absolute.
Here it is: a man dying on the cross for your sins. A man of strength becoming week for your sake. A man with life losing his life becoming the ultimate sacrifice.
If you see a man dying for his enemies that can’t make you into an oppressor.
  • I’m saved by grace, that won’t crush me on the inside.
  • If I am saved by grace I don’t deserve it so that can’t make me an oppressor to others.
Haven’t Christians been oppressors in the past? Yes, but only if they didn’t comprehend this.
The early Christians invented orphanages, hospitals, they stopped the infanticide of girls. Now get a love relationship based on grace and go out and continue to change history until he comes again."

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