Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Eugene Song

Garrison Keillor brought Prairie Home Companion to Eugene yesterday, June 16, 2012. You can listen to the whole program at . My favorite part was the Eugene Song, starting at 60:00, "a traditional song of the Willamette Valley"

Out in the Willamette Valley
In the Emerald City of Eugene
Out in the start of the Cascade mountains
In the Land of the Evergreen

I don't care if it's rain or sunshine
I don't care if ants are loose
In my heart I'll be contented
long as I can climb up Spencer Butte

Saturday I go to market
hear some music in the open air
live and let live is our motto
peace to all the people gathered there

I don't care if it rains tomorrow
If there's patches on my jeans
In my heart I'll feel contentment
'Long as I can hang out in Eugene 

Many a day I've hiked these foothills
Walked the woods and didn't make a sound
Many a night I've stayed up readin'
Got a great library in this town.

I don't care how long your hair is
Or who you love don't bother me
In my heart I am contented
to be here in your company

When I was young I used to kill time
and now time is killin' me.
When I die, if there's a heaven
tell you what I hope to see

 Hope to see the Willamette Valley
See the city of Eugene
Live forever in the Cascades
In the land of the evergreen..

In the land of the evergreen. 

Listen to it here:

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