Thursday, September 02, 2010

Flow Chart Comparing MLK and Glenn Beck

This infographic compares the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Glenn Beck.When I posted it on Facebook, someone took umbrage. Here is our dialogue:

Beck Follower: What's your point, Beth? Did you see the rally? Beck HONORED Dr King. Dr King's niece was a featured speaker. It WAS apolitical. If you are trusting the mainstream media to tell you the truth about it, they will lead you astray.

My response: My point is that the most important point on the infographic is missing: Unlike Glenn Beck, Martin Luther King Jr. did not believe that he would eventually become a god. Unlike Glenn Beck, MLK preached and lived out a commitment to Christian social justice.

I fully agree with Alveda King's stance on abortion; but I wonder if Alveda King agrees with Beck's understanding of who God is. If so, then she is certainly not an orthodox Christian. See 1 John 5:20.

"How many American Christians who are watching that (rally) and resonating with the call for spiritual revival know that the man who is up there speaking, using words about Gospel and God and all the rest, believes that there was a male and a female deity, that the Godhead is a reproductive pair, that eventually we will be divine ourselves if indeed we follow the path of righteousness?" --R. Albert Moehler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

If you are trusting Glenn Beck and his followers to tell you the truth about God, they will lead you astray.

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