Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Wondering: Shouldn't we be careful about what we wish for?

(TOP) St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, sits immediately across from the World Trade Center site.
(BELOW) Trinity Episcopal Church near Ground Zero

what's to keep the churches that are even closer to the World Trade Center from being shut down, if we protest too loudly about the so-called "mosque?" There's at least two, one Catholic, and one Protestant, that are even nearer to the site than the Park 51 complex.

Christians need to be very careful. Separation of church and state can come back to bite us. It may be that the Christian right protests so loudly that the only fair thing to do will be to prohibit all religious organizations within a specified area. Is this really what they want?

One of my friend's friends posed the question of whether the Catholic church could build in Oklahoma City since Tim McVeigh was Catholic. "Imagine the uproar!"

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