Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Frock: Escapist Female Fun

I now present a real escapist site for women... The Frock .It includes antique, vintage and couture dresses for sale, from the Victorian age to the present. Many look like they belong in museums.

Ever since we were in York,
and I got to see an exhibit on Birth and Death in Victorian England, I have been fascinated with mourning gowns. Here is an extraordinary one: -->

<-- This one is not a mourning gown, but it is my favorite. Look at that extraordinary beading! That sort of skill is almost impossible to recreate. And here is a blue flapper style, also with beautiful art-nouoveau hand-beading. I would not be ashamed to be seen wearing it today.

There are many, many more dresses, including bridal gowns, and designer pieces by Versace, Valentino, Cardin, Armani, de la Renta, Galanos, Balenciaga, Mary Quant, Norell, Hartnell, Givenchy, Geoffrey Beane, Oleg Cassini, Pauline Trigere, Adrian, and Teal Traina.

On the whole, I find the mid-century gowns the hardest to imagine wearing (with the exception of the Halstons and a couple by Mme. Gres.) Perhaps that is because I grew up when a lot of those looks were on their way out!

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