Monday, June 08, 2009

Rampant Relativism

This morning I received this from one of my Interdisciplinary Studies students who is taking the class online. It is even more painful considering that just last night I watched Hilary and Jackie, the story of the two musical du Pré sisters.

"We are learning about philosophy and religion. Those two subjects are like art, in my opinion. You can look at a picture a thousand different ways and every way you look at it is right, even if that's not the what the artist intended on the picture symbolizing, because that's what you got out of the picture; that's what is important to you. I'm sorry, I just don't understand why I've been graded so harshly on something that I truly believed in....and I really sat down for 2-3 hours and tried to figure out these readings. Then, in just two minutes, I read over what you wrote and find out that what I thought was right the whole time was apparently "wrong" something I didn't think had a set 'truth'."

Some people are missionaries to those who have never heard the gospel. Some people are missionaries to those who need to hear it more fully. And some people are missionaries to those who have heard it and can't make the distinction between truth and significance. Count me as one of the latter.

I guess sometimes you don't have to leave your desk to be "missional."

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