Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good news for Susan!

Susan has been accepted into Massey College at the University of Toronto! We are so pleased for her. It's the nearest thing she can get to reduplicating her Best Semester experience at Oxford... ; )

Massey College is an academic home for 60 of the University of Toronto's graduate and professional students, called Resident Junior Fellows, and another 60 to 70 non-resident Junior Fellows. Resident junior fellows can live in college for up to three years, and then become non-resident junior fellows for a further two years. In addition, the College hosts visiting academics, generally on sabbatical leave, who are called Senior Residents...

The college also strives to preserve an Oxbridge-type atmosphere by mandating the wearing of gowns at dinner, and incorporating regular High Tables — complete with after-dinner snuff — into its schedule; and balances this with very active outreach programs. The mandated goal of the college is to demonstrate through its corporate life the interconnectness between all learning. The College has been referred to as the
All Souls of Canada. (Wikipedia)

We are concerned, however, about the snuff, and hope that Susan will be able to adjust to the orange floors and blankets.

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Ann said...

congratulations to Susan!