Sunday, March 08, 2009

Meditation for Worship: March 8, 2009

Helping Hand by Audrey Reid
Copyright ©2004

Sermon text for this week:
Romans 4:13-25

Sermon: "Unwavering Faith"

The world is telling me that
I am what I do.
If I am tolerant I am a good person.
If I look out for number one, then I’m not a burden.
If I am autonomous, then I am mature.
The world is telling me,
You are what you do.

Lord, your Law tells me that
I am what I do.
If I lie, I am a liar.
If I steal, I am a thief.
If I don’t follow the entire thing, I am not only a loser,
I am lost.

Both the world and your word echo together:
You are what you do.

But what I do is miss the mark.
What I do is constantly screw up.
And what I do isn’t enough.
Or it's too much.
I even do what I don’t want to do;
And that all makes me into
something I don’t want to be.

You see this and You try another tack.
You come alongside me.
You forgive me.
You call me your friend.
You die for me, and then rise again.
Extending your strong arm to me, you declare:
Now do what you are!”

Ah, Lord Jesus, I am yours!
May your Spirit always remind me of this,
so that --With faith in you--
I can at last begin to do what I am.


Ann said...

Thanks for posting this, Beth. The poem is an encouragement and reminder of the good news we have in Jesus Christ!

Janice Skivington said...

Thank you Beth.
So much to think about here.
Oh, and feliz cumpleanos,
and joyeux anniversaire!
I wish I could try it in chinese too.