Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Chinese Feast

Two nights ago, D.Y., our Taiwanese-American friend (who has been tutoring Joanna in Mandarin) made us a most fabulous meal. His Taiwanese parents owned a restaurant, so he knows what real Chinese food should taste like. We have only had the popular American variety, and he was anxious to introduce us to the Real Thing. All I can say is, it's a whole 'nother cuisine! Thanks, D. for opening up this new world to us.

The photos below are the nearest visual equivalents that I could find on the web to what D. served us. I wonder what the marriage feast of the Lamb will be like if it can be this good, this side of heaven?

- Miso Chilean Sea Bass. It was marinated in sake and rice wine.I am not a fish lover, but this was truly extraordinary.

Yuxiang Eggplant. This was a real hit. D. kept apologizing for its greasiness, but we are Bilynskyjs and not afraid of oil. After all, neither was Aaron.

Chinese Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce

-Baby Bok Choy w/ Shiitake Mushrooms

- NiuRou Zuan Bing (Beef wrapped in Green Onion Pancake with
Hoison Sauce). These are Chinese burritos. I wish they were as widely available as the Mexican ones.

- and Potato Salad
sliced apples gave it an Asian twist.

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