Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Artist's Journal, or Skivington so Far

My dear friend Janice has begun a blog, "Janice Skivington:
An Artist's Journal or Skivington So Far."
I am so excited that she has finally begun blogging, because it means almost every day there will be some image to enjoy. It also means that she will be prompted to produce even more new images!

Jan's portfolio includes work for

InterVarsity Press
The University of Notre Dame Press
Tyndale House Publishing
SRA McGraw Hill
Highlights Magazine
National Wildlife Federation
Lady Bug Magazine
David C. Cook Publishing
Concordia Publishing
Children's Press
Scott Foresman
Harcourt Press
University of Chicago

If you have read The Book for Children or the original editions of F.F. Bruce's The Hard Sayings of Jesus or Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue, you have encountered her illustrations.

Jan and I go back to the days at Notre Dame, when our husbands were in the graduate philosophy program. She and Jay were the first of our circle to have a child, who is now married and is at Fordham pursuing his own academic career in philosophy.(Can it possibly be?) Jan has raised four children, two dogs, rats and a lizard, travelled with her family from the Philippines to China to central America to England, and run marathons. She is a phenomenal mother, wife, sister, and Christian woman. But most precious to me, she is my friend. So, Jan, I thank God for you, and pray that He will give you many more years to explore His world and share your art with us all.

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Janice Skivington said...

Beth, what can I say. You are dear beyond any treasure.
Thank You.